Business turnaround

With many years’ experience in the business recovery and turnaround sector, Exalt Business Group bring a unique toolbox of proprietary techniques and solutions to help fix companies in distress.

Our team are highly experienced business turnaround professionals, drawing upon former CEOs and CFOs, sectors experts and seasoned consultants – all with a proven track record in plotting a way forward to change a company’s fortunes.

When all the signs point to the need for fast, effective and focused action, Exalt Business Group can put your business back on a firm footing.

Typically, we can improve net profits by around 10% within 6 months for almost any SME, by employing a specialised set of financial and marketing strategies

Having undertaken an in-depth diagnostic review of the current situation, our approach is to first stabilise the business, then plan a practical way forward to help the company out of distress.

Our three core strategies

  • Stop or freeze the current distress
  • Introduce a plan that delivers impact to the business’ cash flow, bottom and top-line growth as quickly as possible
  • Drive that growth hard against pre-agreed KPIs

Where appropriate Exalt Business Group can also bring in experienced finance directors, either on a part-time basis or short-term assignments, or take over and release owner-managers from the day-to-day stresses of managing a struggling business.

Using tried, tested and proven methodologies, combined with our broad and deep sector knowledge, Exalt Business Group can help to quickly engineer a turnaround strategy, stabilize your cash and liquidity position and put your business back on a firm footing.